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Is it too much or not enough?

Is it too much or not enough?

I think we probably all have wondered from time to time or asked ourselves do this look good? is it too much? should my necklace be longer? chunkier? brighter? etc…. Well, this great pin I found on Pinterest gives a rundown of what to wear, how to accessorize it and how not to over or under do it!

I love color and I think adding a bright colorful necklace to a basic/graphic t-shirt is a great way to bum out while adding a little flair!! It’s amazing how much a cute statement necklace and pair of earring can COMPLETELY change any outfit

Thanks to another great Pinterest find!  Read it, pin it, share it!

The Neckline Cheat Sheet: How to Accessorize Popular Necklines



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Fashion Staples for your Wardrobe

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Pair this with a pair of Judy Blue Premium Denim also from Snips and Snails Boutique and you have just added two long

lasting staple pieces to your wardrobe.

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